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Let me introduce myself to you!

My name is Renee Hecker. I grew up in the Midwest and am the youngest of 7 siblings. At the age of 20 I married my first love, Nathan Hecker. Over the span of 22 yrs, we had 12 of our own beautiful children, each delivered at home by my husband. I have homeschooled each one and am currently schooling my last 3 children. I am also a grandma now to 3 little ones!

For decades Nathan was a skilled logger and loved his occupation. On March 23, 2020, he was tragically killed on his job site, and in an instant my world was flipped upside down. That day I found myself on a journey I never really wanted to make…the journey of widowhood.

I’ve had a lot of challenges throughout life. I’ve lost a child, lost my home and possessions in a house fire, gone through great financial distress, suffered from debilitating effects of Lyme Disease,…but truly none of those compared to the challenge of losing my soul mate. One day at a time, I found my way through the grief.

In retrospect, I can see that my former experiences greatly prepared me for all I began to face the day I lost Nathan. You see, the principles and tools I learned and applied in even the smallest of my frustrations and hardships were the same tools I employed to deal with the challenge of loss and heartache, as well as navigating my new role as breadwinner of my family. Yes, the situation demanded more grit and perseverance than ever before, but it was with applying those same principles used previously that I was able to overcome and adjust to my new reality.

Over the years I developed a heart and passion for those who, like me, had struggled at different junctures and lost their way and joy in life. I eventually pursued life coaching and received my training from Mark and Magali Peysha with Strategic Intervention…a program endorsed by Tony Robbins. My main training, though, has come from what I call the “University of Life!” The guidance I offer to my clients comes mainly from the processes of overcoming and learning I’ve done within my own challenges. I have learned to be a victor and not a victim! I have learned how to regain peace, joy, and purpose within each and every situation I’ve encountered.

I am a Truth seeker and have sought wholeheartedly for answers and solutions that work. The solutions are not always easy, but generally they are simple! If you are ready to discover doable solutions to rise above your own personal roadblocks of grief, anxiety, or depression and reclaim your life and joy, I would love to help and support you in that journey!

To reach me:
Renee Hecker
Phone: 218-391-4765


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