Your past can be used as a crutch to lean on or as a rod of power in your hand!.

You get bitter or you get better...the choice is yours!

A Lesson In Humility

The hibiscus flower serendipitously became my flower after my husband’s death. One of the things I found it symbolized is “the perfect wife.” Though I learned over time to be a really good wife, perfect I definitely was not. A year ago, just before our anniversary, I succumbed to a classic wife move. To make […]

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This week I was reading about the character trait of resilience. It is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The strength and speed of a person’s response to adversity.” I am learning to be more resilient, and I’m so thankful for every situation prior to this year and its challenges that strengthened that […]

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Dealing With Regrets

How do you handle regrets? When my husband died I was flooded not with the things I did right, but with everything I did wrong…alllll my shortcomings that I hadn’t yet mastered. For me what’s made regrets difficult to get past is not having the opportunity to say “I’m sorry” or to be better and […]

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Gems In The Valleys

Years ago when I was struggling, I had this picture come to my mind to describe what I felt the purpose was for difficult experiences. I envisioned myself heading into a shadowy valley, and I was given a satchel. The idea wasn’tfor me to just get to the other side of the valley unharmed, but […]

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