Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Purpose of a Life Coach?
A Life Coach’s purpose is to not only help you clarify your goals and purpose in life, but also to help you strategize a clear path to achieving them. Whether it be through practical steps of developing new habits and regular goal setting or of uncovering the more unseen deterrents of subconscious belief systems and blockages, a Life Coach’s goal is to help you discover the tools you need to reach your goals and eliminate the things that are holding you back.

A Life Coach’s purpose is to help you achieve clarity and a fresh new vision. They will then help you rediscover and tap into your own inner power to change, move forward, and overcome any obstacles in your path.

One of a Life Coach’s main purposes is to not only provide a plan, but also give you with the motivation, support, and accountability you will need to succeed in reaching your vision and completing your goals.

Q. What Does a Coaching Session Involve?
The first session will involve your Life Coach asking questions to get to know you and understand what your goals and purposes are for hiring a Coach and what you would like to ultimately achieve through our sessions.

Upon clarifying those goals, each following session will involve time spent talking, discovering, and uncovering the things that are holding you back and the things that will help you successfully and efficiently move forward toward your goals.

Your Life Coach will take a holistic approach to finding the solutions you need to succeed and will help you tune into your own, personal inner Wisdom.

At the end of each session we will decide on practical steps for you to practice and apply until your next session.

Q. Are the Coaching Sessions Confidential?
Yes, each session is completely confidential. As your Life Coach, my desire is that you, my Client, will feel completely comfortable to be raw and real knowing that what is discussed between you and me will be honored and respected with confidentiality. As a Client, your honesty and openness are key to finding answers and solutions for your success, so making sure you feel comfortable and safe is of upmost importance to me.

Q. What is Expected of Me as a Client?
You, as a Client, are expected to honor each appointment by showing up on time, and be actively and sincerely engaged in each session.

You are expected to be honest as that is the only way we can realistically and accurately find the answers and solutions you need.

You will be expected to diligently follow through and complete the activities/goals given to you at the end of each session.

You’re expected to have fun! As your Coach, it’s my desire that you enjoy this process of self discovery and achieving your personal goals. Nothing is more joyful or rewarding than seeing yourself succeed and making progress in your life wonderful ways!

Q. How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy or Counseling?
Therapy or Counseling is more focused on where you have come from rather than where you are going. Although a Life Coach will talk about issues from the past that may be presenting roadblocks for the Client, the Coach will mainly be focused on the present solutions and actions the Client can apply and take to overcome the challenges presented by their past.

Life Coaching is more present and future focused, helping you to attain a clear vision for the Client’s future, whereas Therapy and Counseling are more focused on digging into, assessing, and bringing resolve to the past.

If the Client has deep issues from the past that have never been dealt with, the Coach may suggest seeing a therapist before progressing further with Life Coaching sessions.

Q. How Many Coaching Sessions Will Be Needed And How Often?
The quantity of Coaching Sessions is greatly determined by each Client’s particular situation and decided goals.

The Client’s active participation and determination to accomplish their goals and to succeed will greatly determine how fast progress is made and how many sessions will be needed. The more diligent a client is with the inner and outer work that is needed to accomplish their goals, the more quickly they will progress and the fewer sessions they will be need.

Q. Are Coaching Sessions Held in Person or Online?
Coaching sessions are primarily held online using Zoom video meetings. This is both convenient cost effective as it eliminates travel time and expense as well as possible childcare costs.

Online Coaching also allows you, the Client, to conveniently meet from anywhere…home, your workplace, or even when out of town. If the weather is inclement, online coaching can conveniently be done at home avoiding hazardous traveling.

Coaching sessions can also be done via phone calls should that arrangement be more comfortable and acceptable for the Client.

If in person Coaching sessions are desired, arrangements for this can be made, taking into account the location and proximity of the Client to the Coach.

Q. Are there Paperwork or Forms to Fill Out?
There is a brief form to gather a Client’s contact information, birth date, and main goals they are looking to achieve with their Life Coach.

You’ll also be asked to review a brief disclaimer. After reading and agreeing to the terms, the Client’s signature will be required.


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