Gems In The Valleys

Years ago when I was struggling, I had this picture come to my mind to describe what I felt the purpose was for difficult experiences.

I envisioned myself heading into a shadowy valley, and I was given a satchel. The idea wasn’tfor me to just get to the other side of the valley unharmed, but rather to gather nuggets of truth and pearls of wisdom along the way. Then, when I reached the other side of this uncertain territory, my satchel would be full of jewels, and I would be richer and wiser because of the journey and the experience.

So this is how I’ve viewed difficulties ever since then. These difficulties can range from extreme tragedy to the very common and basic challenge of brief sickness that disrupts the flow of living, and all that is wanted is to just get to the other side of it all and have health and normality once again.

I try to stay mindful, now, of the purpose of challenging times and valleys while I’m experiencing them. They are not just to see if I can endure them, but rather they have come to awaken me and teach me new things that will greatly enhance my life and equip me for the future. They have come to strengthen me and deepen my capacity for empathy, as well.

In short, I remember this: The valleys aren’t just for GETTING through, they are for GROWING



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