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During a 4 week time period, we’ll be meeting with virtually, one-on-one, to teach you a greater understanding of the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction. My goal is that by the end of the course you will have all the tools and clarity needed to begin intelligently and consciously creating your desires in any and every area of your life. My desire is that you’ll begin experiencing a new freedom within yourself and will be empowered to live life on a whole new level.

The sessions each week will last approximately one hour, and you’ll be given homework to which I’ll ask you to apply yourself in between our sessions. In doing the suggested homework you’ll already be taking the beginning, necessary steps for transforming your life and manifesting your desires.

During our sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions as they arise to get clarity when needed. I Highly encourage you to have a pen and notebook available to take notes as we go along and also to make record of an questions that may come up between sessions to discuss during our next meeting.

Each day during the 4 weeks you’ll receive encouragement/inspiration via text message to motivate and keep you on track.

I will try to accommodate your schedule for our sessions as best I can and ask that you prioritize and block off the agreed upon, scheduled time on your calendar so that you’ll not miss any of the sessions. Any emergency cancellations are understandable and can be rescheduled.

There is a brief form with contact information, etc. to complete and, for insurance purposes, a disclaimer to sign.

The cost of the 4 week course is $399 which is due prior to beginning your sessions.

Here is a basic outline of the 4 week course:

Week 1:
Introduction to the basic teachings of LOA, my history with it, as well as the history of its teachings.
• Understanding the concepts of energy, vibration, and frequency and their impact your ability to create and attract.
• What is the “ether” or “quantum field?”
• The teachings of the LOA vs the common understanding of God and prayer

Week 2:
Rediscovering who you really are and who God is.
• Miracles: you have more power to create them than you may think!
• What is prayer and how does it work?
• Understanding and differentiating the 3 parts of our being: body, soul, spirit.
• Reuniting yourself with the Power from which society and religion has separated you

Week 3:
Techniques to help you master your mind and emotions How to stay in alignment with your Power and thus use the LOA to your benefit.
• How to use challenges and difficulties to shift our frequency.
• Ways to uncover your subconscious beliefs that are hindering you.
• Techniques to retrain and reprogram your subconscious.
• Learning to use your emotions as a guidance system.

Week 4:
Customizing the LOA teachings to your individual life and desires. I’ll be helping you to apply the things you’ve learned to your own circumstances, if desired, and assist you in detecting any hidden blind spots or subconscious beliefs that may be blocking you from your desires.

I’ll be giving you insights into your individual personality to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Gaining understanding of yourself will help you to more consciously and intelligently know how to utilize the LOA.

After completing the course you’ll have an opportunity to continue further sessions, if you so choose, but there is no obligation. All my sessions are confidential and follow the guidelines as presented and defined on my website

Please click the green button below to complete the form. Afterward, I’ll be connecting with you via email in order to set up and schedule a starting date to begin sessions.

Thank you so much for your application.

I look forward to working with you!
Renee Hecker
One True North Life Coaching

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